About Us

The Collab Lab is a community of learners--staff, students, and parents--who partner to transform learning across the school, District 214 and beyond.  

Inspired by the motto, "Connect - Learn - Share," the Collab Lab Team of Teacher Leaders facilitates one-on-one, small-group and building-wide learning experiences. These collaborative experiences include instructional coaching, Peer Learning Groups, Lesson Studies, Lesson Demos, Book Chats, Class Visits, and Teacher-Led Institute days.

In addition to connecting in person we leverage technology to routinely connect across schools––live-streaming from the Collab Lab and classrooms––via Periscope, Google Hangout and Zoom.

We are intentional about documenting, curating and sharing examples of our work and resources via social media to multiply our learning, and expand our learning networks.  Examples can be found in this blog, our Collab Lab Twitter, on Collab Lab TV and our Collab Lab YouTube Channel and our Collab Lab's We Are EG Podcast.

We are grateful for the support of the Parent Teacher Council whose generous donation made the Collab Lab's learning space possible.