Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"I Just Keep Myself Positive." S1E8 We Are EG Podcast

By Linda Ashida

I had the great fortune to meet EG student Ben Jasutis on the day he stopped by the Collab Lab to sit down with Bruce Janu to record his story for our We Are EG podcast. I'm so glad I did!

We introduced ourselves and chatted briefly before Mr. Janu arrived. I was struck immediately by Ben's outgoing personality and sense of humor. Within minutes I enjoyed hearing one of his jokes and learning that we were both Packers fans! It made me smile to hear him share how he came to be a Packers fan, and the bonds and rivalries over sports that he enjoys with his brothers.

When Bruce arrived, I coudn't help but stay for the interview learn more about Ben and the story of the significant medical challenges he faced early in life, the radical surgery he had to remove a part of his brain, and how he keeps himself positive no matter the challenge.

Take a listen. His story will inspire, and it is bound to make you laugh and smile, too!

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