Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Helpful Tech Feature: iPad and Laptop Screen Recording

By Quinn Loch

Did you know that there is a way to record the screen of your iPad? You can also record the screen of your laptop! Both of these have become useful tools for me inside and outside of the classroom. Here I'll break down how to access these features and how they could be used.

Screen recording in iOS 11

New to iOS 11 is the ability to record whatever is on your screen. You can also record audio with the built in microphone. This can be a great tool if you make your own video notes as you are no longer tied to a specific recording app to make videos from. The video below shows how to turn this feature on. Step by step instructions can also be found here.

How to turn on screen recoding in iOS. Press and hold the record button in control center to toggle settings for the microphone.

You can also record the screen of an iPad through Quicktime if it is connected through a lightning cable. Those instructions can be found here.

Recording Videos with Quicktime 

With Quicktime on the Mac, you can record your entire screen or even a specific portion of your screen. You can also record videos with the built in camera. The video below shows how. Step by step instructions can also be found here.

I really like recoding videos with the camera for days that I have a sub. I can quickly record and explain what I would like students to work on while I'm out and I can even quickly explain something new. I have a had a very positive response to this from students and it allows me to give my students clear instructions and expectations when I'm not in the classroom - all I need to do is post the YouTube link to Schoology.

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