Thursday, March 9, 2017

#214EdPrep: Hannah Shares Her Teaching Experience

By: Hannah Irizarry

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts discussing the collaboration of the Collab Lab and our EG Ed Prep students.  Hannah implemented a lesson based on the Spark Session presented by Rachel Barry.  Please follow along on our journey using the hashtag #214EdPrep or clicking on the label #214EdPrep in the word cloud!

Last week Ms. Barry showed us different teaching methods that would help students learn. One idea that I really like was Mathketball. I felt like this would be such a fun activity for the 3rd graders that I'm currently working with in my internship. They're currently working on multiplication, division, and fractions. I wrote 5 problems for each section. Once I got to the classroom, I gave them all three sheets of paper and made sure to show them how to fold and rip so they had enough paper for each problem. I made them get into a circle and then I explained how to play this game. 

 Throughout the whole game the kids were laughing and enjoying the game but also were learning the problems. 

When I heard that a student wanted to “skip” a problem I would quiet them down and show them a different method to figure out the problem. 

After we were done they all went back to their seats and said that they wanted to play this again. I really enjoyed teaching them this game and watching them get the answers right. 

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