Monday, November 14, 2016

Creating Community Service Opportunities: Connections to Harper Promise

Fourth post in a series from our staff-led Institute Day.

In this presentation, Val Norris and Mindy Perkins debuted District 214's new web-based service learning tracking system, X2vol, which is a program that is embedded in the Naviance Program already used by students. They also brainstormed ways to create and communicate service opportunities for students.

Participation in community service and tracking it is required to maintain eligibility to the Harper Promise. This session gave staff a great opportunity to collaborate on the best ways to streamline our communication regarding opportunities for our students to serve their communities.

X2Vol - Naviance Community Service Tracker

X2Vol is a web-based community service tracker that can warehouse all student service hours, for multiple goals. It is housed within Naviance, so students, staff and parents will be familiar with the platform. The system will only be live for Freshmen and Sophomores.

Students can easily:
  • Locate and sign up for service opportunities
  • Receive reminders
  • Track progress against goals
    Freshmen need 5 hours
    Sophomores need 10 hours
    Juniors need 15 hours
    Seniors need 20 hours 
  • Add reflections to their experience
  • Connect service activities to their career cluster

  • Can generate real-time reports and send out reminders
  • Can approve, partially-approve or deny hours online
  • Will eliminate storage, archival and form requirements
  • Can recognize students for their service more frequently
  • Eliminate parent phone calls related to service hour progress

Action Plan
  • Naviance can upgrade our system overnight and a tab will appear on all students Profile Page.
  • Counselors will work with the APSS and APSA to communicate to parents and students
  • Harper Promise Committee Teachers can communicate to other teachers:
Christina Barnum Sandy Bisinger
Cindy D’Alessandro Ricky Castro
Linda Ashida Bob Murphy
Becky Jordan Kim Ferraro
Courtney Lavand Mindy Perkins
Erin Ludewig Bob Murphy
Val Norris Chris Rogers
Shae Sohn Jason Spujth
Rita Sayre

For a tutorial on how students log their hours, click here.

View Eligibility in Infinite Campus

Staff have the ability to see students’ status in Infinite Campus.
  • Toggle over to Student Information.
  • Click on the "Harper Promise" tab.
    - Ineligible students are marked with the

              - Those who are still eligible are marked with a clear space.

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