Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Student Perspective on AP US History Scoreboard

By Xochitl Soto, Junior at Elk Grove High School

 The AP US History teachers are using a new app in their classes to help students review for next month's AP exam.  Last week, the Collablab assisted the AP US History team in setting up the new app. The app is called MME Connect, and teachers are able to assign questions for formative review in preparation for their AP exam.  Since then, a student wrote a review of how it is impacting her prepare for the exam.  Here is that review:

I found the AP US History Scoreboard app to be very useful in the way that it offers many different types of review practice sets. The adaptive review is categorized into time periods and each time period has ‘learning missions’. I really like this because the learning missions are based on time and efficiency. For example when I'm short on time I would do the ten question set or the four question set, related to the time period, and each set has an adaptive setting that according to my confidence level it would repeat questions to assure that I've learned them. With a little more time I can sit down and to do the full assignment in one go. The Scoreboard app also includes multiple choice, short answer, document based and long essay exams; all of which I wouldn't have been able to thoroughly studied on my own. In my opinion, the app is a way better use of my time when studying for the AP test.

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