Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Looking for a fun, easy way to have students review material? I first heard about FlipQuiz from my colleague Sara Kahle-Ruiz, French teacher at RMHS. Like Kahoot, Blendspace, and other educator-friendly sites, it is easy to create, share, and collaborate with colleagues on FlipQuiz. It is basically an on-line Jeopardy board where you input the questions and answers.
FlipQuiz game board. Students tap the amount to see the question.
Students answer questions orally, then click "Reveal answer".

Students all play on one device. 
To create a FlipQuiz, simply create a free account at FlipQuiz. Then select "New Board". You may choose any number of categories and create 5 questions per category. You can enter definitions, questions, and even images. FlipQuiz also lets you search games that others have made. My favorite part about FlipQuiz is that students don't need an account. You simply embed the link to your quiz in your LMS, and students can open it and begin playing.

While you can certainly project this game and play as a whole class, I've found that it's much more engaging to share the link and have students play in small groups. They have to keep track of their own score, but that way they can play individually or in teams. It's a great way to incorporate some student choice into your review activity, and it frees up the teacher to circulate and answer individual questions students might have.
Students work at their own pace and can work in small or large groups.
FlipQuiz does also have a Pro version that offers cool features like importing questions from Google Docs or exporting questions and answers to Excel or Word so you can print out answer sheets.


  1. Thank you for the Idea Kirsten! I will try it for a review game we have in two weeks. :) - Heng

  2. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing!


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