Thursday, January 14, 2016

What Are You Reading?

By Kim Miklusak

Last week I posted on my other blog a survey I gave my students about why they are or are not reading at home for enjoyment or for assigned books for class.  One point I reflected on was how hard it is for those of us who are teachers and who enjoy reading to carve out time for ourselves to read for fun let alone to read education-related materials--and do we ask the same of our students?

Personally, I try to balance two texts at once: one lighthearted or easy to read like graphic novels or YA Lit and one more complicated, frequently heavy one.  For example, right now I'm reading This Star Won't Go Out and The New Jim Crow.  I've started dialoguing more with my peers about what I'm reading in The New Jim Crow (honestly one of the most startling and important books I've read).  I've also tried to talk to my students about what I'm reading for fun, including bringing in the books after I'm done reading them (the whole Unwind series!!).

Additionally, I've added a "currently reading" to the signature file of my emails.  I was surprised how much response I got back from peers about that: either asking about a book I'm reading or adding their own "currently reading."  I also saw a year or two ago an idea about having a dry erase board where you list your currently reading and "next up" and "suggestions" for students to see during class as well.  This has all been further inspired by participating in Good Reads with my students and peers--a game I am well late to, I realize, as it's an excellent community-building resource for avid and reluctant readers young and old.

So...what are YOU reading?

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  1. I am reading the Vorrh by Brian Catling and Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally
    Book by Kelly Starrett and T.J. Murphy!


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