Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Embed a Video within a Video!

By: Rachel Barry

Students in my class watch videos to obtain the content of a skill in an individualized and differentiated method.  You can learn about this structure in this earlier blogpost.  I have always used Educreations for these videos, as the app is incredibly user-friendly.  I am able to input a picture or .pdf to then annotate for students to view.  This has been a great tool for me over the past three years!  

One issue that I encountered is when it came to skills that involve the graphing calculator.  Using screenshots, I was able to make it work in Educreations, but it wasn't as user-friendly as I would like for my students.  Here is an example of one of these videos.

Then, my wonderful colleague Midge Snow came to the rescue!  The app Explain Everything allows you to add a video within a video!  Here are two sample videos that I created for my honors geometry course:

Some helpful tips:

- Make the video to be inserted into the main video first.  

- Remember that Explore Everything is editable.  Unlike Educreations, you can rewind and override previous recordings, so the whole video is not lost if you make a mistake!

- Explore & practice.  Don't expect to make a perfect video the first time.  Allow enough time for you to make mistakes and correct them.

If you would like any help in creating a video within a video, please feel free to contact me or to stop down in the Collab Lab!

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