Tuesday, September 1, 2015


by Kirsten Fletcher

Looking for a way to save all those links that fit in so perfectly with your unit? The D214 French team spent some time this summer curating authentic listening and reading resources in Blendspace.com. Blendspace is visually more appealing than simply posting links on your LMS. 

If you haven't checked it out, Blendspace is a free website where you can create pages of information that you can organize however you want. We, for example, have set up a different Blendspace page for every theme. See an example here. On each page, we have links to a variety of activities such as videos, interactive games, reading passages, etc. For each link, we have typed instructions to guide students in their comprehension. For some, we have also created comprehension quizzes. 

-> Instructions for the reading activity appear when students click on the link.

Our team plans to ask students to choose 3 links on each unit's Blendspace page and complete the required activity. We have created a graphic organizer where students can show proof of their work. It is also possible to have students log in to Blendspace and work within the site.

One of the advantages of Blendspace is the ability to share with other teachers. D214 French teachers have made one another collaborators on our pages, so that if one of us finds a good resource, we can upload it immediately. Like Kahoot, teachers can also search previously-made pages that other teachers have created.

If you have any questions about this or would like to brainstorm ideas, please stop by the Collab Lab.

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