Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sketchnoting and Visual Notetaking

Written by Linda Ashida

In the last few months I have come across Tweets and Blog posts that incorporate Sketchnoting as a way to capture, reflect on, and share learning.

Take this Sketchnote by Sylvia Duckworth on the SAMR Model for example:

 I have read and heard about the SAMR model often, yet this Sketchnote really helps the concept "stick" in my brain.  It confirms, for me, the impact of dual-coding in learning.

As teachers, Sketchnoting can be a great way to take notes, document and share our own learning.  For example, I have enjoyed using my Notability app at professional conferences to take visual notes, with varied colors, embedded photos and annotations. Students can use sketchnoting to demonstrate and share their learning as well; student sketchnotes could serve as a form of assessment.

Since most students at Elk Grove have the Notability app, they are already equipped to begin experimenting with sketchnoting.  But they could also choose from other free apps such as Paper 53, Adobe Ideas, or Brushes.  It would be interesting to offer students a choice of these apps and then the class could review and decide their top choices.

For more information on the "What, How, and Why" of Sketchnoting, check out the resources below:

Do you have examples of how you or your students have used Sketchnoting?  We'd love to hear from you!  Please share in the comments below!

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