Monday, April 27, 2015

Schoology Quizzes as Bell Ringers

Written by Linda Ashida

A recent visit to Lindsay Bucciarelli's Human Geography class revealed a great way to use Schoology quizzes as a bell-ringer activity to activate prior knowledge before learning new content, or as review before an assessment.  It also reminded me about the collaborative benefits of Professional Learning Teams, since the Human Geography teachers take turns creating and sharing the quizzes with other members of their PLT.  For example, in the lesson I saw, Lindsay was using quizzes that had been created by her colleague Kristen Gierman

In the illustration below, you can see that the students were given three bell-ringer quizzes, and they were directed to complete as many as they could during a 5-8 minute period.  They could do the quizzes in any order (though sometimes the teachers do set the order, and expect mastery on one before moving on to the next), and they were given multiple attempts to repeat each quiz to strive for mastery. These bell-ringer quizzes are a great way for students to get quick practice and immediate feedback. They can move through the quizzes at their own pace, and even repeat the quizzes outside of class, or easily access them if they were absent.

 The visuals below give a couple examples of what the quizzes look like for the students.  If you have other ideas for the ways that you have used the Schoology quizzes, we'd love to hear from you!

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