Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cross-building Collaboration: Systems of Support

This afternoon the building Instructional Technology Facilitators (ITF) and Division Technology Coaches (DTC) from all of the schools in District 214 met at district offices for a collaboration meeting hosted by Dr. Steven Kellner.  This is the second meeting the full group has had this year.

The focus of this meeting was for each building to first report out on successes and areas of improvement for the year.  ITFs then rotated to different schools' DTC teams to ask questions and share out ideas.  The groups reconvened to reflect on how far they felt their schools have come on the SAMR model since the start of the year.  Finally, the teams again rotated to consider challenges and brainstorm ways to continue to energize our own teacher leaders as we move ahead into next year.  Superintendent Dr. David Schuler also stopped by to express his support and answer any questions the teams may have had.

This was an excellent opportunity for collaboration, sharing, and problem solving as the district closes out its first year in this ITF/DTC model.  So much of the district's success in rolling out such a large number of iPad pilots and focusing on instructional technology over the years comes because of the district's support--including sessions like the one today.

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