Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1:1 Pathways to Success for All Students

Posted by Linda Ashida

Today we learned that our  iPad pilot proposal, "1:1 Pathways to Success for All Students," was approved. After 4 years of implementing iPad pilots at EGHS and reaching 85% 1:1 implementation, we presented this all-school 1:1 iPad proposal for the 2015-16 school year.

Building on the foundation of the existing 19 interdisciplinary pilots, our new all-school 1:1 proposal was written by an interdisciplinary team of staff from our entire counseling department, five different course teams (PE Advanced Strength and Conditioning, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science,  Leadership Through Service, and Personal Finance), with support from English and Chemistry teachers.  Special thanks go out to the staff members who committed countless hours to prepare and present an outstanding proposal to the District 214 Planning Team: Joe Bush, Scott Deutsch, Cindy D'Alessandro, Dawn Ferencz, Anthony Furman, Paul Genovese, Krista Glosson, Andrea Izenstark, Keith Kura, Maria Mroz, Deb Ohler, Ashley Phillips, Mike Radakovitz, Colin Rice, Alex Sanchez and Alex Stavropolous.   

To get an idea of our strong interdisciplinary collaboration and capacity to implement a school-wide 1:1 program at Elk Grove High School, check out this link to their presentation.

Our excitement and anticipation to continue our collaborative efforts to improve learning for our students was well-expressed by our Principal, Paul Kelly. After the district informed us that our proposal had been approved, he sent the following message to our staff:

Dear Staff,

I am extremely excited that Elk Grove High School will be a fully 1:1 iPad school next year!  All the work and energy you have put in to your technology efforts has been extremely impressive to anyone who sees it. In addition, the iPad pilot proposals at EG have been outstanding time after time. The amazing collaboration you engage in every day with your colleagues has made us an exemplary environment for learning, and our students are all stronger because of our shared emphasis on challenge, support, and patience. 

Most importantly, I am so proud of how you keep your eyes on the real LEARNING goals of our school. Your integration of technology in the interest of student mastery (not technology for technology's sake) is a model for any school to follow.  We are all at different levels of comfort and proficiency with iPads,
 that is FINE!! 
here is not a more supportive and collaborative environment than you will find among the staff of EGHS. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of iPad proficiency, you are
​each ​
truly talented at facilitating student learning,
​ which is​
always our primary goal.  

When the time comes for you to give it a go, you have colleagues of every iPad readiness level to help with the transitions.  In addition, we have a tremendous Instructional Technology Team whose goal is to support your efforts.  
​You'll be able to move at your own pace, knowing that there are pros all around to help you!​

I feel
 calm and confident moving forward
​, which is a testament to our incredible staff.  ​
​We are absolutely ready for this.  

Have a wonderful day,

Paul ​

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