Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tech Tuesday: round up

We had a lot of people stop in today with a lot of different ideas:

Carmen R's AP Spanish students had to create a summary of information from different countries.  She wanted to have students post to one Google Drive doc, so they could all have access; however, we suggested creating a media folder in Schoology.  This puts the ownership of uploading into students' hands.  It also creates an authentic audience in that the whole class is able to see all responses in an organized manner.  She's going to stop back in and let us know how it goes!

Sandra L. and Dan D. stopped in separately to discuss lesson demos they are doing in EG Lead Learners tomorrow.  Sandra will be going through pre-reading strategies they use in Prep sophomore English.  She will also be discussing lexile scores and how that may affect students' reading in other classes.

Kristen F. discussed individualizing AP Computer Science.  She uses a program called AmplifyMOOC.  It allows students to self pace and assess their learning.  Kristen has been developing the AP Computer Science program over the past four years and is consistently adapting her curriculum to current pedagogical research.  

We also had several people stop down to discuss Twitter or set up their accounts! 

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