Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to Create a Schoology Checklist

By: Rachel Barry

A Schoology Checklist is a great tool to hold students accountable for completing assignments in a designated order.  You can use this as an instructional tool for students to complete a warm-up at the beginning of class or to read an article before answering a discussion question.  At Elk Grove High School, some of us math teachers have used this tool to foster individualized learning in our classes.  Here is a set of step-by-step instructions of how to create a Schoology Checklist.  Before you begin, you should convert your documents to .pdfs and have the web addresses ready for any links that you will be posting.

  1. Create a Folder
It is not necessary to create a separate folder for the Checklist, as it will still work
with other documents in the folder.  I have found, however, that it is easier for
students to understand what it is they need to complete when the Checklist is
separate from the rest of the materials of the topic.

    2.  Upload all Materials
Make sure that any materials (documents, links, discussion questions, quizzes, 
etc.) are uploaded in the correct order that you want the students to complete.

    3.  Create the Checklist!
Click on “Options” and then “Student Completion”.  Follow along with the video for
step-by-step directions!

     4.  Check Students' Progress
           Click on "Student Progress" and see each student's percentage of completion.

          Click on a student's name and see the individual progress of each student.

Things to Note:
  • You cannot copy a Checklist to another course.
It appears that you are able to copy a checklist, however, when the students access the 
Checklist, the "Requirements must be completed in order" does not transfer. Students have 
access to all items. In order to set up the Checklist again, you must delete all items from the 
Checklist and Save. Then, you can recreate the Checklist.

  • You see a completion percentage for each student, but they do not see their own.
I have posted on the Schoology Web Platform for this feature to be added to the student app, 
as a gameification feature that moves from red to yellow to green based on the percentage of 
completion. It has not happened yet, but I am hoping that it is coming in the future!

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