Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Three Quick iPad Classroom Management Tips Before Class Begins

Today the CollabLab welcomes Rachel Barry, Mark Heintz, and Kim Mikusak--Department Technology Coaches and teachers at Elk Grove HS.
  1. Want to know if your students are on the right document at a quick glance? Color code the documents to visually see where they are!  

    1. Tired of students losing documents and spending the whole day looking through old files?  Do they keep saying things like “I don’t have it” or “You never gave it to me”? Label the documents in an organized manner!

    1. Is too much time lost when transitioning from one worksheet to another?  Do students struggle flipping back and forth between two documents?  Merge documents to maximize class time!

      Do you have other suggestions on classroom management before class begins?  Post a comment below and share!

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