Thursday, November 20, 2014

Allowing for Student Choice in a Physical Education Classroom

Today the CollabLab welcomes Anthony Furman, a physical education teacher at Elk Grove.  He can be reached @Coach_Furman.
The "Get it Done Your Way Workouts" are designed to let students take control of how workouts are accomplished during class.  The template guides them with what exercises to complete.  It is broken down into small segments to perform at one time and then the students decide how to navigate the workout during the time allowed.  Each version of the workout introduces new exercises or builds on different ways to accomplish exercises from previous workouts.  Kids can work alone or in small groups.  The teacher can give small points of focus based on how well parts of the class work independently.  It lends itself to students taking leaderships roles within class.  It also allows for students of all different ability levels to complete portions of the routine as they are able, challenging everyone from the beginner to the advanced within a class.  There are many benefits to this format, but the primary focus is aimed at helping students understand how to design and implement their own exercise programs.

Here is an example of one "get it done your way"

Do you have examples of ways that you offer student choice in your curriculum?  We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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