Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Collab Lab at EGHS. Our Mission: Connect - Learn - Share

In my role as the Innovative Technology Facilitator (ITF) I have the exciting opportunity to collaborate with three Division Technology Coaches (DTCs), Rachel Barry, Mark Heintz, and Kim Miklusak, our entire staff and District 214 colleagues to impact and transform learning for our community of learners at Elk Grove High School and beyond.

The ITF and DTC positions were newly created this year by District 214 to facilitate innovative teaching and learning as we approach school-wide and district-wide 1:1 iPad integration.

As a newly formed team, the DTCs and I met in the summer and discussed our vision for the ways we could best carry out our new roles.  Immediately we knew that we would work as an interdisciplinary team out of the Collab Lab, our hub for professional learning.  Drawing from the varied and transformative learning experiences we each had with our own students in integrating technology in our classrooms, we had many ideas about the ways we might work to support staff.  No matter what ideas we discussed, they were all guided by an important key belief: the focus of our work would always be first on learning. This begins with clearly understanding the learning goals that our colleagues have for their students and themselves.  From there we would collaborate with staff to determine the best learning plan: when and how to best apply technology to transform student learning (as well as our own)! 

Our planning discussions were also guided by the important belief that we are all teachers and we are all learners, so our ITF and DTC roles give us the unique and exciting opportunity to build community, facilitate connections, and multiply our learning.

These key beliefs led to the creation of our Collab Lab Motto, which drives all of our work. The words are simple, but important:  Connect - Learn - Share.

The Collab Lab Motto reflects our Mission to:

Connect to build learning networks
Learn and transform learning
Share to multiply our learning

Here are some of the ways that--together with our entire staff--we will carry out our mission:


  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Lesson Studies
  • Peer Observations
  • Lesson Demonstrations
  • Teach or co-teach lessons
  • App Demonstrations
  • Learning Labs (mini-workshops in the Collab Lab)
  • Institute Day Workshops:  Travel the World of Learning with GrenAir
  • Elk Grove Lead Learners Team
  • Attend Conferences and Learning Workshops
  • Google Hangout


Do you have an idea to connect, learn, or share with us?  We'd love to hear from you!

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