Friday, October 23, 2015

Yes You Can! Import a Test from Word into Schoology

Guest post by Bruce Janu

One of the limitations of Schoology is not being able to import a test into the system from Word or another word processing program.  We all have tests and quizes in a Word document, but would love to be able to just move it into Schoology. The feature exists, but only for users of Blackboard or Edmastery.

However, you can easily convert a test/quiz from Word into Blackboard format and easily import it into Schoology. No more retyping all of your questions!  Here's how you do it:

1. Open up your test or quiz in Word and copy the questions only.

2. Then, go to this site. It is a Blackboard converter. There are actually several versions of this.  Here is a list of converter sites.

The one that I use can be found at the College of Southern Idaho.  In the box, paste your test that you copied from Word and give it a name. It should look like this:

Important:  You must make sure there are no extra spaces between questions or between answers. In question 4 above, I need to make sure there isn't an extra line.

3. The only extra thing you have to do is now is place an asterisks  "*" next to each correct answer. When you are done, hit "create quiz."

4. After it creates the quiz, a new option will appear on the bottom of the page.  Click "here" in order to download the zip file.  Your quiz has now been converted into Blackboard format. Schoology will take it as is.

5. Go to Schoology and create a new test/quiz.  Under "add question" choose "import test/quiz."

6. Then select "Blackboard"

7. Choose your zip file that you just downloaded.  And you have a new test in Schoology that you did not have to retype complete with the correct answers identified!

This tactic will save me countless hours now that I do not have to retype all of my tests into Schoology. Although it may seem like many steps, in reality the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. The hardest part is putting asterisks next to all of the correct answers. But it saves so much time.  Enjoy.


  1. THANK YOU!!! We just are starting Schoology, and this was driving me nuts, you created a simple one stop answer to my question. (Well - there is the question of graphics).

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